Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Another day of the holidays began. It was Winter Solstice, so it started to get dark at about 15:59. So, what did I do? Well, I’m going to tell you right now. I played a game called The Hajj Game. Hajj is a religious pilgrimage,and the game asked questions about it. Although the game said it had a start but no finish, there were point cards. The person with the most point cards wins (there are 50 of them). My sister had 60 points ( 10 points per card), my mum had 50 points and I had 40 points. That was the first time we ever played that game. Then, we played charades, which was tricky but funny! Unfortunately, my mum had to go out, so me and my sister played Monopoly Classic Edition. After we played that, it was time for bed.



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