Saturday 2nd January 2016

Today was eventful. My mum took me and Ishaa to the Trafford Centre to do some shopping. I got some awesome smart shoes, while Ishaa got new trainers. We went to many shops, including JD, Boots and BHS. Then, we went to one last shop- Millie’s Cookies! Me and Ishaa had two cookies each- milk chocolate and double chocolate, while my mum had a jaffa cake cookie. When we left, there was a really, really, REALLY long cue. In fact, it was so long, it took my mum 2 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES TO GET HOME! Although we got out, it would only let us go south or west. So we had to wait longer so we could go north. It was a relief as we FINALLY got home. Finally, we watched Iron Man 3, which was amazing.

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