My trip to Taha’s house

On New Years Day (Friday) I had got a text from Taha saying “Are you allowed to my house tommorow at 12:45 ?” So I asked my mum and she said “Yes your allowed to go,” I was so happy when she said yes i’m allowed because it will be the first time she agreed.The next morning arrived and I was so happy.It was about 11:00am when I woke up.I got out of my bed and brushed my teeth.After brushing my teeth I went downstaries and asked my mum “What should I eat?”She din’t answer me so I had chosen Crunchy Nut.When I finished eating I went upstaries and had a bath.By the time I got out of the bath and got ready it was 12:00am, but I still had 45mins left.I can’t wait 45 mins.After 25 mins Taha text me “You can come now!!”As quick as a flash I put my shoes on and made my way to his house.15-20  mins later I reached Taha’s house.When I steepped into his house I saw Taha and then he said “Look at my new cats!” They were adorable.One cat ,who was called Truffle hated me soo much he scratched me on my hand.Taha’s sister Haniya said “Hi what do you want to play?” I didn’t reply.Taha showed me his new WII U. That was the first time I saw that.So I started to play it.I won 2 times.After playing Mario me and Taha started to wrestle each other.Whilst wrestling Taha’s brother came and was wresling us.So we made teams Me and Taha v Amaan and Haniya (Taha’s sis).Kindley Taha’s mum servered us food (yummy).I met one cat called Gizmo it likes me soo much it evens sleeps on me and takes selfies with me .Sadley I had to go but i still said to Taha i had a brilliant time Thank you.



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