my holiday to Canada!!!!!!

3:00 am. Me my dad woke up to set of to the airport but first we had to pick up my two cousin one is 17 one of them is 19. My dads sister came along so did my mom, my mom was at a sleepover at theres. about half-an-hour later we arrived. At Man airport we were just at the desk putting in our in to a machine that takes it into the plane. Then my mom and my dads sister left the airport with one hug and kiss. Then my dad and my cousin went out for a min or two came back in to the departures and just waited in the endless que. After that we saw the computer and said where we needed to go and our flight time, but that was now. We finally came into the plane thomson airways. Then we finally arrived over 6 hours on the plane. It was actually pretty hot down over there and just found a hotel and there food back in my stomach didn’t eat from 3 till now 6 or 7.

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