My Christmas Holidays[homework]

This is my Christmas Holidays. I can’t remember what happened before Christmas, so I think I’ll start from then.Christmas.


We are going to Disley, which is a town in Stockport. To see our friend. She has a cute dog, Alfie and I can’t wait to walk him!!!

We are finally here and the number one rule is to relax. Which is easy. 

We are going for a dry walk…or  mud walk if you would like to know.. We saw sheep and mud and horses and mud and swamp with mud and a stream to wash off…THE MUD!!!

We went back into our friend’s house and washed Alfie. He went onto the window sill to sleep. We chose a movie and it was Marmaduke. Alfie woke up and started to bark because he saw a dog on the screen,in result we turned the movie off and ate ALOT of food…

We went back home and my cousin came over…..



IT. IS. CHRISTMAS!!! My cousin is here and I am in my sister’s bed….wait….WHAT? Oh yeah, I haven’t slept and I need to catch Santa Clause… Now I am downstairs and Santa hasn’t come…. Why, oh , why has Santa not come? I have turned on the TV AND I am watchi-…  sorry I fell asleep….


I am awake and my sister and cousin are painting their nails. Santa came. It turns out Santa can’t always come at 00:00, BECAUSE their are too many people to go too. I have changed and I am painting my nails with my sister and cousin. We are kind of watching Annie[2014] , but I just can’t decide between a dotted candy-cane or a striped candy-cane. I eventually went with dotted. My DAD is HERE!!!!! Now we an open our PRESENTS!! I got:

A backpack, Lego Friends x3, tattoo gel pens, two books, two tops [ one that I am wearing now], chocolate makeup and a chocolate box.  We ate after my cousin went home and watched Brave.




HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! IT’S 2016….2016!!!! Gosh!!! What a year!! After watching my neighbours shoot fireworks into the sky [slightly burning their fence], I dived straight for my phone… to text my friends!!! IN 2016…..2016!!!! I was so exited [ I felt how my dad feels when Liverpool scores!!!]

We went downstairs and got some food because it was the new year![ and we were peckish].

I eventually went to sleep …


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