This holiday was probably the best holiday i have ever had! including christmas, trips, new years, fireworks, shopping for christmas and lots more.

About 3 days after the end of school, my mum had already told me that she had bought the presents already. I was astounded because I thought she would have done so 3 days earlier than christmas. Everybody was so happy at the time. We started decorating the christmas tree, putting on baubles and lights. It was christmas eve before we knew it and my sister (Bianca) was rapping the gifts and got furious if anyone entered the room.

Christmas came so quick. we all had lots of fun, went to church and unfolded our gifts. All of us were very happy, even if it was not what we requested. We had a great christmas dinner with turkey gravy, beef, rice (fried)  and cake.

On new year’s eve my father had gone round to places to find good fireworks to buy. He came back with some fantastic fireworks and amazing lighters just 2 hours after my dad had come home, it was new years. We ran outside, set up the fireworks lit them up and BOOM! They exploded into the sky and the colours emerged from one to another. We soon set the round one off and it was amazing.

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