Cats are adorable , but can also be vicious ! There are all sorts of types such as :


  • Siamese cat
  • Grey tabby
  • Black tabby
  • White tabby
  • Persian cat
  • British shorthair
  • Bengal cat
  • Abyssinian cat
  • Ragdoll cat
  • Sphynx cat
  • American shorthair
  • Exotic shorthair
  • Burmese cat
  • Birman cat
  • Scottish fold cat

And much more !

Cats are quite good at attacking they’re suprised prey , too . They’re beady little eyes sometimes even notice humans to hurt or injure ! Only , of course , that cat would be a very bad – tempered , mean , and especially vicious cat . Anyway , the way that they attack them . . . we had just been to the park and seen a cat ready to pounce on an innocent bird ! First of all the cat spots it’s prey and pretends it can’t see them [ the prey would be on ground , not up and about ] . Then , it would slowly walk towards it , moving the slightest movement when it had the chance . So , it would keep on moving towards the prey until it would be close enough to pounce on to the poor little thing ! All of a sudden , it would get it claws prepared , give an angry yowl and grab it’s prey before it could move the tiniest fraction…….. OH NO !!!!!! The unfortunate and unexpecting prey would breathe it’s last breaths , and end up inside the kitty ‘s tummy ! By the way , cat’s eyes also light when it’s dark , so it is possible for this to happen at nightime !



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