A mysterious girl named Alice . . . . . .

In a misty , mossy tree , in the depths of the crusty bark , a miniscule speck in the centre was named a mysterious little girl named Alice . . .


  • maroon , delicate hairs which always fluttered delicately in the wind nearby her [they reached to the floor!]
  • ocean blue eyes which glistened in the moonlight
  • pale , snow white skin which had such rosy cheeks it almost looked as if she had put baby powder on them
  • long , black as ebony dress which stretched all the way to floor
  • green nail polish which glimmered so much , you could see you’re own reflection in them


If somebody said something mean to her , she would often ingnore them , tell someone , or pretend they weren’t there.Since her parents couldn’t spend any time with her [they were in prison because somebody blamed them for a burglary attack ] , she was often bored with her granny and didn’t bother to do anything . After all, she was only 6 years old . . .

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