Bear and Hare Advert (sad)

As the brown , Soft Bear and the grey , cute Hare (Rabbit) walked through the mossy woods , the flocks (groups of birds) were flying south to get away from the winter ,  however the Bear looked up as he was yawning , then a snow flake dropped quietly on Bear’s nose. The Hare slipped off his friend’s back then he thought the bear has to go then Hare that had long ears felt his tears coming out.

Slowly , the Bear’s face looked  at Hare’s face and said “I need to go hibernate because its getting winter.” as Bear’s face turned upset. Then Hare  replied “yeah… well good bye” as hare’s face turned upset too. After 3 Days Hare ran quickly to bear and gave him a present that was a clock that woke him up then hare’s face was sad suddenly , Bear came and hare’s face couldn’t believe it. every animals was happy


Happy ending

John Lewis

Bear and the Hare are met together and they are best friends for now!!!


Please Read Year5y page or type in Bare and the hare thank you for reading


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