The magic doors ……………….. !

There once was a family called the not listening family . You can tell by the name . They did what they wanted to do . They had three children named Beth,Arpita and Mariam . They were about to move houses . Arpita , who was the smallest was not so keen about that . Beth the eldest said in a caring voice said ,” It is going to be okay there is nothing to worry about ”.” Tank you , ” replied Arpita . However they did not have a transport to leave . They could not even go on a bus . So off they went . Tired , bored and sleepily they carried on the walk . At last they arrived there home . When they went inside there mum gave them a glass full of warm , normal milk . then there dad took them upstairs . After a moment of staring Arpita noticed a label on one of the doors which read out in bold letters . DO NOT ENTER OR BE DOOMED FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE ! Tat time they read it out loud . At that minute a growl and then a scream came from the door …………………………….. !

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