The magic boys part 2


Jake was feeling really down. He had to find a way to get Mark back. If he didn’t who would he play with. He had to get him back before his mum found out. He was up all night trying to figure out how to get Mark back. In the morning he didn’t even go downstairs for his breakfast. Eventually he did go out of his room and went to the park. He met a boy called Jhonny. He thought that he could have one of the powers.”Hello” said Jake. They talked and talked to each other until they went home. At night Jake thought that Jhonny could have a power. The next day he told Jhonny all about Mark and his fire power and how Mark got lost in the portal. Jhonny did exactly what Jake told him to and it didn’t work. He tried and tried all night, but it still wouldn’t work. In the meanwhile Jake was trying to get Mark back. All of a sudden a hologram of Mark came up.”I don’t like it here everywhere I go it always has fire there please get me out Jake, Said Mark.”I’m trying my best to get you out,” Said Jake. Jake said “How are you doing this”. I am using my fire power” Said Mark. Jake said “Before you go I need to tell you that there is another boy who might have a power”.”Bye,” Said Mark. He thought that he could open Marks portal with Jhonny if he was water. Jake said to Jhonny “That you need to make sure that you have a water power”. He kept trying, but it didn’t work. One day Jhonny went to his room and held his hand out and it worked. Jhonny got water power. The next day he told Jake “It worked Jake!!”. They had to get to work straight away and get Mark out of the water world. Jhonny opened the water portal.” Where are you?” Jake said. Mark was in the distance. Mark ran and jumped through the portal.” Mark this is Jhonny and he’s also got a water power,” Jake said.” I’m glad to be back,” Mark said. I’ve figured out how to go to our worlds,” Jake said. “I’m glad to be back,” Mark said.

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