the magic boys part 1

A boy once had magic ¬†powers. His name is called Jake and he moved to a new house. He was feeling sad because he made lots of friends in that area. When they got their Jake said ” Can I go and make some friends,” and his mum said ”Ok, but be careful ,”. He went and found a boy sitting on a brown ,wooden bench and Jake said ”Do you want to play with me?”. The boy said ”Ok”. Jake discovered that the boys name was called Mark and he was the best friend he ever had. His mum called him in and he was very sad. He knew that they would meet again. The next morning Jake woke up very late. As soon as he woke up he got dressed and went into the garden. All of a sudden he held out his hand to feel the wind and he saw a lightning ball where his hand was.”Whoa,” Said Jake. He realized that he could do anything with lightning. He didn’t want anybody to know about it, so he used it when he was alone. One day he was playing with Mark and he used his power and Mark saw… Mark said “How did you do that?”. Jake had to tell him about his power. Mark wanted a power,but Jake just got his power. When Mark was alone at home he went in his garage. He was throwing a ball and when he was going to catch it a fireball appeared where his hand was. The next day Mark ran to Jake’s house and told him about the fireball.”You can do anything with fire!” Said Jake. They both decided that they wanted to form a team of people who have powers like Jake and Mark. They figured out that you have to have the letter j m or a. They also figured out that they have to be alone. With their powers they could open a portal to their own world. Mark had fire world and Jake had lightning world. One day Jake went to Marks house and they tried to make their portals to their worlds. Mark went first.”Be careful it might pull you in,” Said Jake. Mark did make his portal and he went closer. As soon as he went closer he got sucked in….

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