Our school learning powers

In or school , Bowker Vale Primary school , we have six different learning powers which we use very often to help us learn brand new things. These are motivation , resilience , creativity , co-operation and enthusiasticness . Creative Crusader is a girl will an ocean blue cape strapped around her shoulders . She has buttercup blonde hair which glistens in the moonlight a swayes in the wind . The enthusiastic enforcer has a ruby red cape and a short fringe cut at the top of his head . His body is extremely muscular , with muscles growing on even his fingers ! There are two co-operative kids , who share one sunshine yellow cape . They are one boy and one girl , who help you do teamwork at home as well as on your table.Captain Curios , who I haven’t mentioned , is one man who is always questioning everyone . He is very curios , and even starts questioning the health inspector ! The Resilient Ranger, who always wears a glistening purple cape , helps you never , ever give up. Last of all , there is the Motivation Master , who is always ready for a challenge. She wears an emerald-green cape round her shoulders .

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