facts about bats

  • bats are the only flying mammals
  • there are over 1000 speices of bat
  • bats are nocturnal
  • bats see in the night using a special skill called echolocation
  • Most bats feed on insects,while others feed on fish,fruit or even blood!
  • There are 3 species of vampire bats which feed solely on blood
  • Vampire bats have small and extremely sharp teeth which are capable of piercing an animal’s skin [humans included] without them even noticing
  • Vampire bats can carry rabies , making thier bites potentially dangerous
  • Some bats live by themselves while others live in caves with thousands of other bats
  • bats can live over 20 years
  • ptropus bats [also known as fruit bats or flying foxes] are the largest in the world

By the way, on the last fact , ptropus is spelled correctly !

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