a very special day!

once there was a girl she was very poor.Even her family every day she had a morning job that’s how she could earn money.She was saving¬† up for something she really wanted and what she wanted a bible! She saved up money for days and weeks until one day she cheked her piggy bank and she had ¬£90 to buy a bible so she got up and got ready. After that she came out the house and walked 32 miles it took her ages to walk, but she dint care all she wanted is a bible. when she arrived she quickly went into the shop to buy a bible the shopkeeper who owned the bible’s offerd her cheese. After a while she walked all the way back.When she arrived every one was very worried when then people saw her in their sight. She ran and ran and people were cheering for her because she had a bible and that was her very special day and she had always keep that bible safe it was her very first bible!

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