Ito the forest

One night an exhausted, sleepy boy was snoring away into his blanket until… BOOM! Lightning struck from the skies and Tom (the boy) flung up from his bed. “I… I think I should move to the side of the bed!”

During  the next twenty-four hours, Tom escorted himself down the stairs and looked at the post. The more he thought about dad being gone, the more empty he  be came. Where had his dad been? Why did he go? Is he okay? When will he come back?

After a little while, Tom brought his green, crunch broccoli and beans to the stairs, to the stairs: he really wanted peace. “Tom!” Wailed his mum. “I want you to deliver this secretive message to grandma, okay!”

Tom asked outside and encounters some unordinary things like a cow and a boy, “

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