Into the forest

It was a stormy night in Manchester as a terrible,atrocious lightening flash hit a old cottage.When the lightening struck Brian was awake strait away and he thought to himself”What is going to happen to me and my family”As he racked on his bed.

When the storm stopped he went back to sleep and the next morning his mother asked him to go to his grandma’s house to give Somme goodies,but instead of going the safe way he went into the FOREST…..

When he got in the forest a figure flashed by ┬áhe didn’t know what it was so he ran he didn’t look back he just ran and on his way he found a silky cloak he wanted to put it on but the figure went past again so he ran again and by the he knew it he was in granma’s house.

but in the house wasn’t his granma it was the figure ……


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