Into the forest

It was a stormy night when all the bolts jumped of the dreaded clouds and hit the rocky ground with a loud thud.”I want my mum…”whispered Jack,as he shivered in fear wetting the entire bed.BANG!

The very next morning,Jack woke up still shivering.Gingerly,he ate his dinner,with all the stormy thoughts swimming rapidly trough his mind.

“Jack, will you please go deliver some lovely,yummy treats you have made to grandma?”questioned Jack’s mum,as she gave him the basket.Jack started his journey through the creepy forest,he started to get really tired.He met a seething child sitting aside of the oak-brown tree.Jack wanted to say hello,however he was too tired to open his lazy mouth.

Deeper into the forest,he recognised a fully red,fuzzy coat,suddenly it starts snowing heavily.Straight away he decided to place the warm coat on,however he didn’t know what sort of coat it was.It was cursed…

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