Into the forest

The clock had just struck midnight and a raging storm was hovering over Rocco’s house.he kept tossing and turning ,counted sheep and still couldn’t get to sleep. He kept thinking about his dad,who working away in London.

After the storm died down,he set off on a long journey to his ill grandmothers house with some scrumptious cakes too share. It was a long journey full of windy roads ans steep hills ,but he still went.

After a few hundred yards he met a girl who criticised his clothing as awful.Trying to ignore her,he started trod doing along and feeling a bit upset about wat she said.

“Ermm squeezes me but are you interested in buying a cow?”a little asked politely

“sorry I’ve got no money,”he replied . The little boy bowed his head and walked off. Suddenly a shadow glided past him,what was is it……..

Panick-stricken he started running and his grammars house popped out in the distance an he ran as fast lightning and knocked on the door but his grandma didn’t answer………

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