Into the forest

Late one night, a powerful storm hit Manchester and illuminated the coal- black sky.”I’m terrified! What do I do?”John thought, shivering as the cool moonlight shone upon him.

The next morning, John’s mother gave him a basket of goodies to give to his granny.His mother exasperated him, especially when he was watching TV.

John absolutely detested going to boring, old grandma’s house , so he went a much more exciting way….. THROUGH THE WOODS!!!! He hated the woods of no colour,but it was more adventurous than the main road.

Then he came across GOLDILOCKS!!!! ” Gimme ya munchibles!” She yelled,waving her arms about randomly.

“NO! ” John shouted protectively. He rushed off before Goldilocks could take the basket.

Next, he met Jack selling his cow. “This cow for those here crumbs?” Jack asked, putting Daisy (the cow) forwards.

“NO!” John yelled,thinking they forgot to mention the characters were greedy and surprisingly persuasive.

Deeper in the forest, he came across Hansel and Gretel. “Um…..” Hansel started.

“NO! YOU ARE NOT TAKING MY GRANDMOTHER’S FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!” John bellowed, hardly taking a breath.

Later on, Jack saw a red coat, hanging in mid-air. Oh well, it is snowing….. Putting the coat on, John knocked on Granny’s door. DAD!

He was standing in the doorway grinning broadly.

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