Into the forest!


One spooky morning,there was a storm in Manchester.The little boy was very scared and frightened.Tom ,was missing his dad ,so he went to his desk and picked up a picture of him and his dad.
Tom went downstairs with a moody face.He really want to be with his dad.He made breakfast and sat on the sofa.After fishing his breakfast,Tom got dressed into his clothes and sat all alone on his bed.”Tom!”shouted his mother.
“Yes mother should I come downstairs!”shouting as loud as he can.
“Yes!”shouting back.
So Tom came downstairs and said “what had happened mother?”
She replied “nothing would you like to go a little journey,”
“Ok ,but where?”
“To your granny’s house,would u give her this special basket,”
She smiled.
Tom stared his journey to his grans.When he arrived somewhere near his grans he saw a man and a cow together.Tom had thought he came the wrong way,but without a sound Tom had went straight away.When he was quite far from the boy and the cow he said”Thew,”

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