In to the forest

“Mmmmm mum this food is so delicious,” Jack said, talking with his mouthful. Rosa, his sister, agreed happily.

When they all had finished their breakfast, Jack’s mum asked him if she would give his grandama some soup. “She’s ill today, you better run over and give her my special homemade soup also she will be happy to see you,”

“Well if you say so mum,” replied Jack grabbing the soup of her and running out of the door.

Jack walked and walked until he saw two signs. One said safe and one said unsafe. ” I’ll go the unsafe way it can’t be that bad, but as he entered that way, he found himself inside a dark forest. This forest was very unusual it had no leaves on the trees and birds weren’t singing sweetly, they were croaking something out of tune.

After walking at least 10 minutes he stopped. He saw a man with a cow just randomly chilling there in the middle of the forest. “Who are you?” Jack questioned, looking confused.

“Well my name is jack and I smell something lovely in that basket of yours,” he declared.

“My name is jack and you can’t have this soup it’s for my grandma,” Jack snapped.

“If you give me the soup I’ll give you my cow,” he responded, but as he carried ontalking Jack ran and ran and ran, until he could see no sign of the man.When he was running Jack bumped into something. It was a cloak. It was getting a bit chilly so he put it on.

Jack trudged on and on until he saw his grandma’s house from the distance.

When he finally arrived at his grandma’s house he gave her the soup and hugged her.

The end

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