In to the forest

Later one night, a raging, tragic storm hit Manchester. In a flash thonder shuck the buildings. Terrified  Jack shreaked, “Oh,no. I am so frightened of the thonder.The suddenly Jack woke up and relised  that it was all a dream.

The next day, Jack woke up and went down stairs to have breakfast.He  was so Hungary that he ate every thing on the table and didn’t leave a bite for his poor mother.As a punishment his mum told him to go and give all the muffins that she made to granny through the deserted forest.

After he had got changed he took the basket to his granny’s house.On his way he walked down through the forest to find his way to his granny’s house.

A few minutes later he met a girl how had pony tales,wore a long dress,shoes and red eyes. So he ignored her an walked away. He walked away because he thought she was evil.In a flash I ran away from that ugly girl and kept on finding my granny’s house so I could give her the muffins.

Out of nowhere he found a stripped, red jacket. He wore it because he started to feel a bit chilly and because it started to snow. After he found the jacket he saw a figure…

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