flat stanley – chapter 1

Breakfast was ready. ‘i will go an wake the boys,’ Mrs Lambchop said to her husband, George Lambchop. Just then their younger son, Arthur, called from the bathroom he shared with his brother Stanley.
‘Hey! Come and look! Hey!’
Mr and Mrs Lambchop were both very much in favour of politeness and careful speech. ‘Hay is for horses, Arthur, not people,’ Mr Lambchop said as they entered the bedroom. ‘Try to remember that’
‘Excuse me,’ Arthur said. ‘But look!’
He pointed to Stanley’s bed. Across it lay the enormous bulletin board that Mr Lambchop had given the boys a Christmas ago, so that they could pin up pictures and messages and maps. It had fallen, during the night, on top of Stanley.
But stanley was not hurt. In fact he would still have been sleeping if he had not been woken by his brother’s shout.
‘What’s going on here?’ he called out cheerfully from beneath the enormous board.
Mr and Mrs Lambchop hurried to lift it from the bed.

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