Dawuds diffrenr story of the fox

Once upon a time there was an kangaroo that lost its poor mum so he went to his freind parrot so them two posted some posters saying lost my mum called miss kangaroo reward 9000 pounds and an swegway so parrot and poor kangroo went all ouround the world.Exept russia and japan it only took them 900000000 days. so then kangroo said “are you sure parrot someone will find my kind,helpfull mum” and parrot said”yes i am really sure that someone will find your mum” so they went for an 400 killometre walk around the desert so they bought an boat… So they went to tokyo and so many people wanted there outograph becaus they made justin beiber what do you mean.kangroo and parott booked an hotel because they need to find there mum there.In the morning they looked in the peoples room and suddently… One guy said” i i i i ffound your MUM!!!!!!” And then kangroo said” wich hotel number” then the guy said” number 456″so they went to the number and kangroo… Found her MUMM so then kangroo gave the perso an swegway and 9000 pounds the end

From Dawud xxx

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