A short story

On a dark,terrifying night, Tom was waken up by a loud storm in Manchester.”Im frightened”whispered Tom to himself as he slowly looked at his window.The very next morning Tom was having breakfarst with his mum and his mum commanded, “go to grandma’s house and take some food.”as a result of this, Tom quickly grabbed the food basket and started to make his way to his grandma’s house.Instead of taking the safe way Tom decided to stroll through the vibrant forest, which took less time.

In the forest Tom had accor a lot of mysterious things like trees that had eyes.Tom saw a coat hanging on a tree,so he decided to put it on:it was cold. All of a sudden Tom started to hear footsteps behind him.Who could it be?.Is it an animal?Is it a human?slowly,but surely Tom turned around to see who it was and Tom recognised the figure and realised that it was his cushion,who hated Tom,so Tom ran as fast as a cheetahs and he founded an unusual man with a cow.unfortunently the cow started to chase Tom,but Tom tricked the cow by hiding behind a tree nand he saw his grandma’s house in the distance so he went in and delivered the food.

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