A short story about “Into the tunnel”

On a dark, stormy night, a terrible storm hit Manchester. “I miss my dad.” Thought Tom, “I hope my dad comes home soon.” Tom was thinking about his dad throughout the whole night.

The morning after Tom went downstairs to get his breakfast. Tom’s mum asked him to take a basket of food to his grandmothers house. Grabbing the basket, Tom set of to go to his grandmothers house.

Deep in the forest Tom thought he was lost, but then he came across a path. He didn’t seem to be so keen on the way it was going, but he didn’t want to stay in th mud. As soon as possible Tom ran onto the path flicking all of the mud off his shoes. Some time later Tom found two little, young Children sat under neath an immense, old tree. Tom asked if they were ok, but there was no response from the little children. So Tom walked down the path and all of a sudden Tom found his grandma’s house.

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