A magic wood …!

Once upon a time 3 little children who were called Joe, Beth and Frannie they  lived in a town.

One day their father found a job in the countryside, so they all got ready to move house to live in the countryside.” I am glad were moving to the countryside I have had enough of the town.” Said Joe who was the oldest.” I am going to pick lots of flowers.” said Beth  happily.”I want to see the fairies.”Said Frannie who was the youngest.” There are no fairies!” Yelled Joe and Beth. Soon they were in a train and were all excited to move to the countryside for different reasons. However they all wanted to move away from the town for the same reason.When they arrived at the countryside their father could not afford any vehicle to take them to their house, so they had to walk. It was a very long way from the train station to their house and the 3 children wanted to have some warm milk and go to their warm, cosy  beds.Finally they arrived the first thing they saw was a small cottage and a huge garden full of flowers. Their mum went inside and made them all a hot drink then they went to bed. In the morning they woke up quickly and got dressed. They were making their way outside to the garden. Their dad was planting more flower seeds. He asked the 3 children to help him, so they did. After a while they finished and their dad said they could have some free time by themselves. The 3 children set off in the same direction to the end of their garden. they all stopped something was wrong there was a big, blue gate blocking their path it said DO NOT ENTER…far on the other side they could see a forest or a wood, but either one it was there was definitely something strange about it ……….

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