facts about giraffes

  1. A male giraffe can weigh as much as a pick up truck!That’s about 1400 kilograms
  2. Although a giraffes neck is 1.5 – 1.8 meters,it contains the same number of vertabae as a human’s neck does
  3. A giraffes habitat is usually found in african savannas , grasslands , or open areas
  4. The hair that makes up a giraffes tail is 10 times thicker than the average strand of human hair
  5. The distinctive spots that cover up the giraffes fur is used as good camoflage to protect the giraffe from predators
  6. It is impossible to identify whether a giraffe is a girl or a boy with the horns on it’s head
  7. Both males and females are very hard to spot , but females are smaller and have hair covering the top of their heads
  8. When a giraffe stands behind a tree and bushes the light and dark it’s colour blends in with the shadows and sunlight
  9. Drinking is the most dangerous times for a giraffe.This means that they have more than one stomach.In fact,they have four stomachs,the extra ones assisting with digesting food

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