The big football match

On Sunday at 3:00 in the morning, we went to the big match.Well, we actually went at 2:30, but the match started at 3:00.First, we had to go to two trams in order to get there.We went with 5 of our friends:a whole house of friends,in fact!One of them was thier grandma,one a little girl, one the big brother , and the other two were thier parents. Also, me, my big brother and my mum came with them.The first tram was to market street and over there,we could not stop moving!As soon as we reached there,we got into the next tram,which then led to the place where the football stadium was. All of us,including me,hurried into the stadium so that we would not miss the first few kicks!We quickly found a few seats:the boys sat in the row just above our heads,and we sat below.As soon as the match started,after a couple of huge reactions,England scored the first goal!It was England versus Japan,and all of us were supporting England.In the end,England won by 5-1!We gradually made our way back through all those trams after an exhausting match and all that cheering!ENGLAND HAD WON THE BIG MATCH !

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