The Mr Worral Mystery

One day at school, everything was BORING…. Suddenly, 6W were sent home…


At playtime Abeera and I took a detour to the garden. ” Um, that was strange, Mr Worral…..” I told Abeera.

“Yeah, he’s not in…” ¬†Abeera recalled. We both suggested that we should set up an investigation.

“Whoosh! Whee!” the whistle wheezed. We skipped to the line and went to English.

Through the lesson,all I could think about was the missing teacher. In English we did …DRAMA!!! For some reason, the teacher droned on and on about performance quality and blah,blah,blah!

We (eventually) went outside for lunch and Abeera and I set off on the search the missing Mr Worral.

I told Abeera my clue from the English lesson ….it was extremely boring and Abeera agreed with me. We decided to steal away into his classroom and find him.

We looked everywhere: the stock cupboard,the book corner ,even under the pencil pots! Unfortunately,he was nowhere to be found…

“MMMMMMM!” hummed ___

It was coming from….underneath us….. We pulled a hammer from the stock room and banged at the floor before it ripped open….

Mr Worral was sitting down, his hans and legs tied up and his mouth too…..

Before we could even wonder about what had happened to him, we got pushed by ____. This person was an ¬†expert in carpet fitting AND magic! … The I blacked out..

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