owlet facts

In this blog, I am going to tell you facts about owls.I will write the facts in bullet points down below and,remember,you can tell anyone these facts so that they can be as interested as you about owls.Owls are not that special,but they are realy awesome.Awe inspiring.Cool.Amazing.And anythin else you can think of.

  • They depend more on sight than any other sense
  • They just eat thier food in whole,so they sick out the waste,like bones[these are called owl pellets]
  • If thier mother comes back to the nest and thinks anyone has touched her babies,she will get scared and she will fly away
  • Owlet eyes glow in the dark[a bright orange/yellow colour] so they can see propoly in the dark

Okay make sure you tell all your friends about these great,adorable owlets and tell them to tell even more friends!I am sorry,but I do not know any more facts.That is it for now!

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