My trip to Middlesbrough!!

On Friday 16th October 2015,we had a school holiday for a week. That following Monday,my parents decided to go to Middlesbrough to see our family with me, my sister and my little sister.That Monday arrived and we went to Manchester Piccadilly station and sat comfortably on the train. Half an hour later a man announced “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Virgin Trains you’ll be arivving in Middlesbrough in 2 and a half hour’s. I told my mum ” mum i don’t think i can wait 2 and a half hours”. She replied “don’t worry,” Exactly one hour later my both sisters went sleep and my dad went asleep aswell.  Finally we arrivied at Middlesbrough train station. We went to my auntie’s house. Kindly my auntie give all of us some delicious food:rice,chicken,chips. When I finished my food, I went to unpack my bag. Finishing unpacking my bag, i went for a nice,warm bath. I came out of the bath 20 minutes later. Once everyone one had a bath/shower the kids started to play snooker. Only the kids ,who were older than 6 could play. I started to watch WWE ( World wrestling entertainment ). After watching an hour of WWE i started to feel tired. Then i went to sleep.

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