My holiday!

In my holiday I went to my grandmas and we did lots of different things.

Once we got there we unloaded all the stuff from the car and put it in my room. And that’s all we did on the first day because we got there at 5:30pm.

The next day we went shopping for Halloween decorations scince it was Halloween that week, we also bought some masks and Bethany bought some fake blood and PVA glue so she could do a fake tissue cut on my arm. (It looked very effective and cool). When we got back we watched Harry Potter because my mum is obsessed.

The next day we went to Muncaster castle, which was very fun and we stayed there the whole day. We went on a climbing wall and me and Bethany got to the top of all three and Leah tried her best to get to the top but it was really slippy. After we went into a haunted maze and people grabbed us and scared us. After we watched a man who was juggling fire and being crazy and telling really bad jokes but some how it made us laugh. Then before we went home we watched a amazing firework display and it was so good, even though I was freezing and wanted to go home the last bit was definitely my favourite part! When we got home me and Leah had chicken nugget and chips and Bethany had a whole curry to herself haha!

Then the next day we went to a swimming centre which had a 40m water slide and we had a lot of fun! We went with my auntie Stacey.

The next my auntie Stacey left so we didn’t do anything but play out because it was sunny.

the next we had to leave so we packed all our stuff and loaded it into the car and Bethany’s rat cage got stuck in the boot because it didn’t fit so we had to put all the quilts it the back with us and it ¬†wasn’t comfy but Bethany wouldn’t leave them behind! When we got home I just chilled out and watch a movie.


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