Imperial war museum!

The trip to the war war museum was AMAZING!!! We had done many exciting activities in one of the two sections including; sketching, listening to what WW1 was like and having chances to touch and be vastly impressed by some of the items and weapons they used in the war. We even got to see the a material 5 times stronger than metal, which was plastic!

Dinner was right after the first section, we went down the stairs and encountered some wonderful views in the main room. Organising our lunches we spotted a tank outside right in front of the huge, enormous lake that made us think what it would be like in there.

Later on, we went to the horrible history section. Everybody loved all of it, especially the bicycle riding, you were supposed to ride as fast as you could (on the spot) : you needed to send messages to different places as fast as a bird (literally)! Used for feeling creepy crawlies in trenches, there were holes you could put your hand through.

Lastly, we got to a part that had an elevator leading to the highest place of the building, nobody was desperate to do this, we were all nervous! When we got to the top, everybody looked down and trembled with fright. The good thing was that there was a great view outside,even though the holes were a bit measly!

We had a fantastic time and loved what the school had prepared for us children.

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