My Easter holidays !!!!!!!

It was Friday  my mum and dad had 2 days of work, due to good friday and Easter Monday  ,therefore we decided to go Trafford Centre and watch a film .

We got ready and drove to trafford there was a lot of traffic so it took us two whole hours to get there So instead we decided to go Lowry but it was closed  so went back to Trafford centre .

Finally we arrived at harry randsens ( I am not sure if you spell it like this ) and had lunch . I had fish and chips ( yum) . Then we went to Trafford centre FINALLY. My brother wanted to go lazer quest but I wanted to watch Cinderella because my friend had ,I got my way and my brother went to watch fast and furious 7 with my dad it was so fun .We were waiting for the films to start because there were lots of adverts it was boring so we all decided to go shopping and then come back my my mum brought me some sats revision books .

It was nearly time for the film to start so we brought drinks and popcorns I had the kids pack and got crisp ,coke and popcorn toffee flavour and even got a little cinderella glass shoe with it  .It was so hilarious when we were only 10 minutes into the film and my sister said she loved it was the best film ever . When the films were finished we went rice (a Chinese restaurant ) . Then we met our cousins there we had no idea they were there so we went later quest with them and then headed home. We arrived home at 12:45 and went straight to sleep because we were all tired. It was a busy day phew .

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