My Easter Holidays

Over the Easter holidays I went to my friends brothers christening, and it was fun because me and my friend asked if we could be the DJ and we were allowed . But at first we didn’t know what to do, so we asked Paul       ( the person who knew what to do),and he told us so we were taking song requests. After that we went out side and we were doing some other things. At about 7O’clock I went to by dads and I slept there.

On Easter Day I woke up and went down stares and I got my Easter eggs, but there was loads, but sadly I don’t have a lot left now .

On the Monday after Easter me and my mum went shopping and I got some clothes and some shoes we also got some food when we was there because we was there for hours .

The next week Me and my sister went to Wales with my stepdads mum and we got there Monday night so when we got there we whatched TV and then we went to bed . The next day we went to a peer and we went into a  shop and we got some shells . Later that day we went up Snowdon for dinner and it was nice . The next day the weather was bad so We was making a birthday wall and that was fun, but later that day the weather was nice so we went to the beach. On Thursday we went to a farm and I held a really cute bunny it was also so cute . On Friday we was packing and we went home. When we got home I got changed and we went for a meal for my stepdads birthday .

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