My Easter holiday!

To kick off my holiday it was Easter! I ran down the stairs and saw three piles of eggs, one for me and one each for my brother and sister . We ate lots of chocolate eggs that day, however we shouldn’t have because we began to feel ill.

A couple of days later I went to my parents friends’ house because they had a baby! She was so small and she wore a little pink onesie. Every time my parents held her she started to cry ,however when I held she fell back to sleep!

A few days ago my parents bought me a bike. It was a mountain bike with gears and it was really tall, I could bearly get up onto it. Me and my dad went along a river behind a shop trees were everywhere and I could hear birds all around me. We went very far along main roads and other side streets.

At one point my friend William came for the day and we went to the little park I went on my new bike and they went on our Y flickers (a type of scooter) after we finished  we went to my house and had a water fight i chucked lots of water on them and sprayed them with lots of Aqua pistols.

I also when to the shop yesterday and got lots of new clothes and my brother went for a sleep-over and me and my sister watched a ‘ Wallace and Gromit the curse of the were rabbit’ which was very funny!

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