Easter holidays

My Easter Holidays:

In the Easter holidays I went to the park and it was fun, especially as the sun was shinning. The sky was clear and everybody was enjoying themselves. Me and my family had a picnic there and played lots of fun games afterwards. We went on some rides and had a race, though I didn’t win. We went to a restaurant to eat, then we went to a sweet shop and went home.

The next day we went to the Trafford Centre and stayed out very late. I was very tired, so we sat in a bench for a bit and went back to the shops. On the way back home I almost fell asleep, but I decided to stay awake for a bit and play but then I fell asleep.  

    After that I went to town with my Mum and bought somethings that we needed. When I got home I relaxed in my bed because I was very tired. I had lots of fun in the Easter Holidays and hope to do this again.

By shefa6a

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