Easter holidays.

The Easter holidays were amazing! The first few days I stayed home and played on my iPad. On Thursday I went to the Heaton park Easter fair with some friends I am a bit scared of fast and high rides so on the first ride I didn’t go on it.My friend told me it was really fun and I should try and conquer my fears.There was a ride , which I especially enjoyed. It was really fast and went up and down and it turned round and round ! I rested for a few more days because after walking around in the sun was actually really tiring! On Tuesday I had to go To pick up my glasses so I went to Specsavers. I went shopping to Wilko and the card factory.On Thursday I went to Snakes and slides with my little brother and sister. I loved going on the big slide it was really fast! On Saturday I went to the Longsight markets and bought jewellery . After that we went to Rusholme and ate a delicious burger. At the end I went to Manchester fort to buy a gift for my friend. On Sunday I just rested and enjoyed my last day of the holidays!

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