About my Easter holidays

On Thursday my family and I  went to Thorpe park (it’s in London).when we reached there we saw some amazing rides and they were really high and fast!!!     the first ride we sat on was a water ride,me and my mum sat on it ,it was like a boat it went higher and higher and then it went down really fast!!!!I was screaming loudly and then at the end we went straight in the water and I was all wet but it was a sunny ,so I was happy to be wet

There was a roller coaster that went up and down and up but it was really fast and we went on to another and another and at the end we stayed in a resort and it had lots of activities like ice skating and swimming and lots more and we stayed for 2 days

On Saturday we went to Blackpool and we went to the beach and we all made sand castles, wrote our names in the sand and we made lots o shapes Then we went on lots of rides and at the end we stayed in a hotel and it was really fun!

On monday i went to tuition to revise for my sats and we did lots of divisions ,multiplication,timestables,and lots more!at the end the good thing was our tuition teacher gave us lots of sweets.

On Tuesday I went to a fair in Bradford there some fast rides I sat on all of them and we had a lot of fun.at the end at 8 o’clock I went to the cinema and we watched Home

on Sunday we went to town and my mum and dad bought me a iPhone 6 plus I was so so so happy that day.

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