the mummys curse

There once was 3 kids who went to a boring, old museum and released  a mummys tomb with ancient symbols around it. The boy went and said that “The mummy is alive run save your lives”. But as you know his friends were geeks and so was he so he went and said again” this time the mummy was alive and he chased after the geeks”. Then all the other geeks ran to their safe but boring school. The next day the mummy came to school although I knew that it was the mummy because it had a piece of toilet paper on his foot his name was ho-tep. When ho-tep went  to class he knew everything about history but he said that “he worked at the museum”. So in maths what did ho-tep mean when the site of the museum. The girl said that I’m going to the museum so I can check it out for you”. After that weekend she was gone so and so said that he came and did something to her. When everyone went home that day I went to that museum. When I arrived he had everyone under his spell and somehow I got beetles all around his face and I played  a guitar right to his face and he turned into someone else. Since that day he was gone with a stung face of beetles and moulds of guitar…























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