dear diary part 2

“I was quite surprised when me and om got left behindĀ and she really took it badly said the boy.” When om was about to say something and we got sucked into a vortex but this time we got sucked into our world. This time it was a world with everyone who we know would fit into this planet said the boy.” So when I figured out what the vortex was om started crying although we got banished to a ninja academy” said the boy. “Apparently there is colours red, blue and yellow but if you haven’t earned your colours you will banished to the evil space ninjas” said om.” I got red and om got blue” said the boy. Then the boy said ” that you need to leave I’ve got vortex power and you haven’t but their is something you can do to help”.” But the vortex is now opening ahhhh it hurts the pain the pain so whatever you do how are we getting sucked on another planet sorry lord space ninja the greatest and the 1st one ever” said om. So when om was about to cry for the 300000000 time when we both got sucked into a vortex and we were finally in the real world and om was reunited with her dad and I was with my dad and mum.














































































































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