100 word challenge

In my ultimate adventure it all starts in the jungle were I was just a little kid with my big brother because we ran away from our house,so now we have to catch are own food silently and carefully we have to do it.The more hard we try, the more animals we will catch for tea. Will we stay alive? Will we make it? Are we gooden enough?.one day we saw some poaches and they were looking for cub, so they could take it back.amazingly they didn’t find enything cause we were whatching them for ours, but they got one without us nowing so we was jumped on the back of the fast car. Without them nowing we got the little baby cub out of the box and tuck it back his mother,but we found the mother dead whith the Cubs.releaved the Cubs were alive, so we adopted the Cubs then we tuck them back to the house

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