Eye of the monster

People say the disgustin monster eye gives you bad look,but i didnt belive that when they told me.This story happend when i was 13 years old while i was stuck in middle school.Middle school was a prison,when you walked in they searched you to check if you dont have any delicous treats from home and the teachers were like dragon because they didnt let us talk in any stupid,annoying lesson .IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!And one stormy day on the toilets i found somethink on the floor.It looked like it was a weird,tiny ball,but when i came closer it was a eye ball then i showed it to Miss Smacktown she got a heart atack.Then i showed to my parents when i got home and then swiftly police came to our house.They took my parent!!!!!I couldnt believe what i was seeing then the police shouted”Come with your parents you worm!”Then they grabbed me and took me out…..


look for part 2

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