Bowker Vale

I like Bowker Vale because I have a really nice and caring teacher , her name is Miss Dunleavy we also have a funny and caring teacher assistant who’s name is Mrs Thelwell.I also like Bowker Vale Because there are lots of kind friendly children. I also like it because I’ve got kind friends such as Mikey , Adam , Hassan and Yusuf.Our school is also good because I go go swimming every thursday.We all get to school at 8:30 if everyone is in for the hole week and nobody was late then your class would win 50 pounds which we spend on trips. We have dinner at 12:00 after we have dinner we go outside to play,but if it has snowed or it’s raining or it is wet.I also love it because we dont get a sheet of home work we can set it out ourself .We also get i am learning homework which has to be done by friday.That’s why I love Bowker Vale.

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