PGL 2015 Thursday

Today was our last full day and it was a great one! We had another birthday – Jane’s, so there was more singing and more cake!

In the morning we did Vertical Challenge and Sensory Trail. Unfortunately it did rain, but it didn’t stop us having fun! Vertical Challenge is a rope activity where you must climb a swinging rope ladder followed by some tricky tyres. After that it’s a climbing wall and if you’ve made it that far, it ends with a cargo net to the very top. It really is a challenge!

Sensory Trail teaches us how important our senses are. We followed a path with lots of obstacles whilst wearing black out goggles. It really needs excellent teamwork and communication. We all realised how important these skills are.

In the afternoon the weather improved! Our activities were All Aboard and Problem Solving. During All Aboard the aim is to reach the top of the pole and along the way there are platforms to climb on to. Once again team work was essential because all three people had to try to climb on to the top platform which is the size of a pizza box!

Problem Solving was lots of fun as we solved challenges and worked as a team (again).

This evening it has been the disco! We dressed up and danced and danced and danced! Most of have packed. We are looking forward to tomorrow morning’s activities before our journey home.

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