PGL 2015 Wednesady

It’s been another great day, especially as it was Yunis’ birthday! We started the day by singing him happy birthday at breakfast and ended with cake after dinner! In between there have been lots of great activities. Today we have done The Zipwire, Tunnel Trail, Trapeze and Orienteering. The Zipwire is another universal favourite. You have to take a leap of faith before flying across the countryside below. We loved It! Tunnel Trail is a new activity. As the pictures show, we had to crawl our way through a network of underground tunnels (sometimes whilst pretending to be Zombies as part of a game!). The Trapeze involves climbing a large pole, then jumping from a small platform to try and catch the trapeze bar. It’s pretty scary but exciting! Orienteering gave us a chance to improve our map skills, explore the site and work as a team.

This evening we have played wacky races and have learnt some excellent new games. We are all having a great time and after another busy day we are feeling a bit tired!

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