PGL 2015 Monday

We’re here! We had a very easy journey, jumped off the coach and went straight into lunch. It’s pizza day so this made us even happier! The afternoon was spent having a look around the site and playing football and other games. At around 2pm it started to snow. Obviously this was exciting but we were quite relieved when it stopped and the sun came out again (look for the rainbow in two of the pictures).

After this, we went to our rooms and settled in. It was fun to have a quick visit to the shop (as if anyone needed more sweets!) Dinner was lovely (curry, vegetable wellington or sausage and mash).

This evening’s activity was Scrap Heap Challenge. This involved collecting points during various games to be used to earn cardboard and string. These were then used by each group to create a new PGL activity. The aim of this activity was to encourage teamwork and creative thinking. It was a lot of fun.

Everyone has been excited this evening but we are now ready for a good night’s sleep to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s activities!

Take a look at the website for photos. Keep looking for the children’s blogs of the previous day.

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