my manchester trip

On Monday i went on a trip to the John Rylands library. First we met a person who is going to teach us about the past. Secondly we went in this massive room where there was millions of books some were big some were small some were thin and tall. Unlike other books you can not take them  home because they are very old and ancient. Next we went into this room where there were old books again,but they were opened on one page some were in different languages   There was also a little page what is about an inch it was a peace of paper of the Bible  [it was found in Egypt.] Then we went to this weird thing i could not figure out what it was. Then she told me it was a old printer. For the  last event we were being detectives  we had to find where things are and other facts.  That is the end of my trip.

Description John Rylands Library 6.jpg7166517922_7d8bdf12df_z.jpg







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